August 25, 2014

The Save Gladstone group has been actively involved in helping to shape a fiscally responsible Library Ballot Measure and in the choice of a Portland Ave. location.  Five members of our group were members of the Library Advisory Committee.  We agree with the Library Advisory Committee’s recommendations to remove the problematic Webster Rd. site from consideration and to specify the Portland Ave. area as the preferred location for a new library.

After the Library Advisory Committee completed its work, Save Gladstone members created a responsible financial plan for a new library that exclusively uses Clackamas County Library District funding for all capital costs, operating costs and debt repayment.  The Gladstone City Council adopted the majority of our plan as the current Library Ballot Measure.

All Clackamas County residents pay the Library District tax, which means everyone in Gladstone and in the expanded library service area in the unincorporated areas pays this tax.  Exclusively using this funding for construction costs, operations and debt repayment distributes the costs fairly to all who are served without using current Gladstone funds or raising taxes.

Save Gladstone remains concerned about our city’s other important priorities, including:  The structural condition of our Police Department and City Hall, and the need to repair or replace large portions of our water and sewer systems.  The Library Ballot Measure will use Library District funds that can only be used for the library.  It will not use funds that can be used for our city’s other important priorities.

A new library in the Portland Ave. area will help to revitalize the downtown Gladstone area.  It will also continue to provide a safe learning environment for all of our citizens, including:  children, teens and seniors.  It will meet current ADA and seismic standards.  It will remain in the Portland Ave. area, will not increase taxes and will not use any city funding.  Save Gladstone encourages Gladstone Voters to consider this fiscally responsible Library Ballot Measure in the November election.